Stiffs: The Apocalypse Party

Stiffs is a five issue mini-series comic currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo. It’s produced in Cardiff, so if you think it sounds cool, give them some support.

Stiffs: The Apocalypse Party

Set in a dead end town in the South Wales Valleys, it follows the adventures of working stiffs Don Daniels, and his monkey life partner (they’re just friends, really) Kenny McMonkey, as they discover that the undead stalk the valley at night. Raised on a steady diet of rubbish horror films and heavy metal, they do what any sane person would: become a pair of bad-ass, hard-living zombie hunters.

The perks are really great too: $20 gets you the whole series, another $5 gets them signed for you, but for $50 you get to commission the series artist to draw whatever you like, and $100 gets you a zombie-cameo in one of the comics!

They’ve already managed to raise $2,048 of the required $3,000, with 16 days still to go, so they’re right on target. I grabbed a preview issue at last year’s Cardiff International Comic Expo, and it looks like a great series. Continue reading

‘We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City’ the documentary

An IndieGoGo funding campaign to film a documentary featuring the many and varied residents of Cardiff and their stories: We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City.

We’ve always said we wanted to give a balanced version of the kind of city we live, in rather than the one dimension (drunks/chavs/benefit scroungers/hen parties) you get from most national media.

But if you look at the We Are Cardiff website, you’ll see we’ve still not really achieved that. We have a collection of lovely stories from lovely people, but there are parts of the city that we don’t have any stories from, and countless minorities and community groups who deserve to be featured.

We Are Cardiff is already a fantastic project and they only need to raise $4,500 (about £2,877) by February 17th to make the film happen. Frankly, they deserve a lot more!

WordPress Users Wales

WordPress Users Wales logo The first WordPress Users Wales meet-up is on Monday 28th November (6.30pm – 8.30pm) at The Atrium in Cardiff. The evening is free, and you can sign-up on Eventbrite.

Thanks to Pippa and Chris for organising this user group. I think it will become a useful companion to the Cardiff Blogs events for those bloggers who want to get a bit more technical and tinker with the nuts-and-bolts of blogging.

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Road accidents in Cardiff over 10 years, mapped and visualised

Ten years of road accidents in Cardiff:

Road traffic accidents, Cardiff, 2000-2010

This is a screenshot from an interactive map on The Guardian, which covers the entire UK:

The numbers are horrific: 32,955 killed, nearly 3m injured between 2000 and 2010. This is 10 years of deaths and injuries on Britain’s roads. But how do you visualise that level of disaster? Transport data mapping experts ITO World have taken a little-known but forensically detailed police dataset called Stats19 – published by the Economic and Social Data Service – and produced this powerful map ahead of Sunday’s world day of remembrance for road traffic victims. You can zoom around the map using the controls on the left or search for your town. Each dot represents a life

via Road casualty UK: 10 years of deaths mapped and visualised –

Note: The final sentence ‘Each dot represents a life’ is disingenuous inaccurate at this scale*. Each dot represents an effect on a life, but only the big squares represent a fatality.

Occupy Cardiff in print: A paper for the 99%

Occupy Cardiff I’d like to offer my design services to the Occupy Cardiff movement for the purpose of creating a one-shot newspaper for the protest. This would be a great way to connect with people outside of Cardiff, and those not wired in to Twitter and Facebook.

With some creative guerrilla distribution tactics, this could get a lot of information into a lot of hands.

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Occupy Cardiff

Occupy Cardiff. Click through for link to source... Today Occupy Cardiff protestors set up camp in the pouring rain outside Cardiff Castle, before being forcibly removed by the police in the evening. Meanwhile, from the comfort of my flat, I aggregated all the information I could gather on Storify.

This curation was later embedded in a Wales Online / yourCardiff story.

Below, I’ve published a freeze-frame of the curation as it stands at the end of the day.

For further updates, be sure to read the Occupy Cardiff Storify page itself.

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Dorkbot Cardiff #4

I don’t know if it’s the same in other Dorkbots, but Cardiff’s skews heavily towards projects where technology meets art. These can often leave me a bit cold, feeling that I understand how the artist has done something, but not really why.

I did rather enjoy this documentary about Paul Granjon’s Oriel Factory robot exhibit however.

Perhaps it helps me that the messages about recycling and using clean energy seem clear and important in this exhibition. Plus, it looks like a lot of fun!

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Canton Social Media Surgery, Wednesday 5th October

This coming Wednesday
I’ll be at my third social media surgery in Chapter Arts, helping to orient those new to social media.

If you have questions about the hows (and whys) of social media, these surgeries are an excellent opportunity. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well attended these events have been, and it has been satisfying to help – even in a small way – some non-profits trying to make better use of social media and the web in general. So long as I have the time to donate, I’ll be happy to continue to come along and help others.
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Hospital Porters Against the New World Order

Conspiracy theorist says he’s stuck in the Matrix –

IT WAS after the birth of his daughter that Ben Emlyn-Jones started believing the world was not what it seemed.

Sixteen years on, he has created his own professional organisation dedicated to peddling his ideas – Hospital Porters Against the New World Order.

The conspiracy theorist is convinced the world is run by secret powers, the moon landings never happened, Al Qaeda was not behind 9/11 and that we live in a matrix.

“I feel a bit like Neo in The Matrix,” said Aberystwyth-born Ben.

I think my last dregs of respect for Wales Online have gone now.

Cardiff Rorschmap

Cardiff Rorschmap

Do these streets look familiar?

Rorschmap screenshots taken of various Cardiff locations. Continue reading

Cardiff Arcades Project

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These wonderful pictures are from the new Cardiff Arcades Project by Amy Davies. I particularly love the wide-angle architectural shots.

The blog has also inadvertently kicked off a bit of an investigation into the claims that John Lewis is enjoying a 20-year rent free grace period. According to Amy, their PR representatives have denied this and are issuing a press release tomorrow. If there’s any truth to the rumour at all, it will be big news.