Occupy Cardiff

Occupy Cardiff. Click through for link to source... Today Occupy Cardiff protestors set up camp in the pouring rain outside Cardiff Castle, before being forcibly removed by the police in the evening. Meanwhile, from the comfort of my flat, I aggregated all the information I could gather on Storify.

This curation was later embedded in a Wales Online / yourCardiff story.

Below, I’ve published a freeze-frame of the curation as it stands at the end of the day.

For further updates, be sure to read the Occupy Cardiff Storify page itself.

  1. This Occupy movement organised on Facebook, Twitter (using the hashtag #OccupyCardiff) and the website occupycardiff.co.nr. Most of this Storify coverage is drawn from tweets made throughout the day, with on-site accounts and factual contributions listed first and other commentary at the end.
  2. Coverage before the day

  3. Coverage on 11 November 2011

  4. This story from Wales Online’s yourCardiff has embedded this Storify aggregation.
  5. BBC story with video:
  6. Tweets from the day

  7. Heavy rain coming down now #occupycardiff
  8. Heading over to watch the start of #occupycardiff. Do you think it’s good or bad?
  9. Crowd of about 100 at nye bevan statue #occupycardiff
  10. Interested to see how the Occupy Cardiff movement develops today – heavy rain forecast for the start of it…
  11. All rained out protesters at #occupycardiff. They’re not looking very spirited.
  12. Crowd is moving off #occupycardiff
  13. Photographs from Jon Candy on Flickr
  14. . @OccupyCardiff has set up outside Cardiff Castle. Around 100 people, according to reporter @samhmalone
  15. Police surrounding tents to enforce bylaw which holds a maximum fine £2 #occupycardiff
  16. Police threatening Occupy Cardiff protestors with arrest under bylaw from 1970s… The fine for breaking it is the princely sum of £2!!!
  17. “this makes me want to read the Daily Mail.” – bystander at #occupycardiff
  18. Toilet facilities for #occupycardiff are at Burger King – a multinational business
  19. Huge amount of media types surrounding the general assembly, some mainstream #occupycardiff
  20. The chief inspector who told me the maximum fine was £2 is Roger Whitcombe. #occupycardiff
  21. More police seem to be arriving #occupycardiff
  22. Just walked past ‘Occupy Cardiff’. Looked to be more police than protestors. 3 riot vans, a load of bobbies, plus.mounted police. Bit much?
  23. A bongo version of Killing In The Name Of. That is actually brilliant. #occupycardiff
  24. A solid start to #occupycardiff for the weather, remember a third of the Chartists stayed in the pub due to rain.
  25. Been having a long and unfruitful discussiomn with the police negotiator at #occupycardiff they are obessed with the bye law
  26. Fairly heavy police presence for #OccupyCardiff, including FIT, ‘police negotiators’ and cops armed with tasers.
  27. Just spoke to neil mcavoy, deputy leader of the council at #occupycardiff he did not think the bye law should be enforced
  28. Left #occupycardiff now. Was getting a bit unnerved by the increasing police presence.
  29. Police threatening us with arrest. We need numbers.
  30. things are getting tense at @occupyCardiff
  31. This is the first time “We are the 99%” has ever been chanted in Welsh.
  32. No crowd violence. Police did use force to move people/tents. No arrests that I saw. #occupycardiff
  33. still at occupy Cardiff, cold and wet, but still here #occupytogether
  34. Just gone past #OccupyCardiff in a taxi. Big police presence. Camp is bigger than I thought.
  35. Police dismantling the camp #occupycardiff t.co/xHah83U6
  36. Police have forced protesters off the grass, confining them by underpass. #occupycardiff t.co/DnHJ7ema
  37. (Note: For some reason Storify didn’t want to embed the above two images from @markturner – they are worth clicking through to.)
  38. As @SWPolice break up #occupycardiff, anyone who didn’t already know, learns that the police always act in the interests of the 1%
  39. Just seem the entirely peaceful #occupycardiff camp violently evicted by police. Video to come.
  40. @sprinklelight crowd’s pretty gone. I just left. Police leaving too. 5 people arrested under section 61, public order act. #occupycardiff
  41. @gstrange42 #occupycardiff we were arrested for breaching local byelaw under 1875 Public Health Act. Yeah.
  42. My photos from #OccupyCardiff breakup tonight. bit.ly/vfjnlv You’re welcome to download and reproduce. Spread the word.
  43. Confirmed six arrests at #occupycardiff for breach of s61 CJPOA . Yeah, I had to look it up too.
  44. Some say #occupycardiff evicted by ‘ancient’ bye-law, but looks like a 1981 bye-law enacted under Public Heath Act 1875 cardiff.gov.uk/objview.asp…
  45. (Link above is a PDF)
  46. Special thanks to @tombfowler of Radical Wales for his on-scene coverage, without which this roundup would have been much less substantial.
  47. Commentary from the blogosphere

  48. Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for South Wales Central:
  49. Assorted sentiments

  50. Occupy Cardiff protesters assembling at the statue of that icon of brutal, faceless capitalism – er, Aneurin Bevan on.fb.me/rR7Hbt
  51. Things to do today. Go to Cardiff to give support and solidarity to Occupy Cardiff. Capitalism is broken, its failed, we need Socialism
  52. Good luck to #occupy #Cardiff and #occupy #Leeds who start their occupations today. <3
  53. Oh so there IS an occupy cardiff. Will walk past later. Fuck you Twatman.
  54. Never thought I’d say this, but hope this rain is in for a while! #occupycardiff
  55. #occupycardiff #occupythejobcentre
  56. The problem with things like #occupycardiff is that whilst a good idea in principle, the people that get involved tend to be assholes.
  57. I don’t know what the occupy movement is hoping to achieve. If it’s basically communism, has that not been proven to be a crap idea?
  58. as i am visiting #occupyCardiff tomorrow, would it be appropriate for me to have badly dyed hair and not wash? #undercover
  59. Occupy Cardiff Haha yeah you show your anger at corporate greed by kipping out side the castle, good luck with the drunks tonight.
  60. Looks like more press than protestors at Occupy Cardiff so far. Luckily there’s a couple of outdoor shops opposite the Castle.
  61. Dear occupy cardiff, f*%k off back to your daily mail reading mummies. Your not the majority, nor are you wanted. #occupycardiff
  62. #occupycardiff appears to reek of copycat rather than genuine protest. Am disappointed, considering i believe in many of the campaigns aims
  63. @PaulMooreEsq got a nice bunch of Occupy just set up outside Cardiff Castle. tempted to make a banner “get a fecking job”. Pikies.
  64. Hello #occupycardiff are you enjoying the weather weve laid on for you. Now feel free to f*&k off, or drown.
  65. There’s an #OccupyCardiff now is there? Do these people not have real homes and jobs? Maybe work to keep the country going? No?
  66. #occupycardiff Let’s not forget who built the castle and how they made their wealth. That was no social enterprise bit.ly/ubkCcv
  67. #occupycardiff They gathered round statue of #Nye Bevan continuing the great tradition of standing for fairness and against corporate greed
  68. I don’t think #occupycardiff have worked this out. A) its armistice day #disrespectful B) the rally is in town #touristincome
  69. Surprised by amount of sarcastic childish comments on #occupycardiff. They have a right to protest & are doing so peacefully, why be a dick?
  70. Sad sad day for democracy in cardiff. Police, antagonistic and violent against wholly peaceful crowd. #occupy #occupycardiff
  71. To those swearing at peaceful protest & wishing police would beat protestors, you do realise you are evil & a bit dim right? #occupycardiff
  72. Ugh, watching @EdBuchan watch the #occupycardiff Youtube. Seriously, 99%? Go #occupyinsertcommunistcountryhere and see where it gets you! 1%
  73. There have been other protests outside the castle. It seems @SWPolice have a particular issue with #occupy movements. Why? #occupycardiff
  74. #occupycardiff less effective than your tax dodging mates in London. Moved on for your own safety.
  75. My heart goes out to all those who put their principles first and stood firm for their human right to gather on public land #occupycardiff
  76. Now #occupycardiff have six months to organise, campaign and get elected to @cardiffcouncil. Real democracy, engage with the 99% directly?
  77. Really pissed off. Police have forcefully removed #occupycardiff. WHY? What did they do to justify the police’s actions?
  78. @occupycardiff if u representing the 99%, where is the other 98% today. Only 100 showed up to occupy Cardiff! What a joke!