Canton Social Media Surgery

This Wednesday (3rd August) I’m going to head along to the social media surgery in Chapter Arts (in the Cwtch). Operations start at 5pm and patients should be stitched up by 7pm. (Perhaps I should drop the surgery metaphor.)

Do you have a story to tell about your community? Or a local concern you want to voice? Perhaps you belong to a community group wanting to promote activities and events online, share photos, videos and information?

Welcome to Social Media!

Free websites (often called Social Media) like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and blogs can help you or your group reach a wider audience via the Internet.

Have you heard of Social Media but are unsure how it all works? Or how it can benefit you or your group? Come and see our Social Media Surgeons. We can help you or your community group get started.

Relaxed, informal, free and as non-technical as you need!

Also, if you or your community group are already blogging, tweeting and sharing online but want to gain more confidence. Come along and our Social Media Surgeons can help you to be more effective.

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I’ve no idea what to expect, but hopefully I’ll be able to offer some good advice. 

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Photo by shelisrael1 (CC-NC-SA)