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(aka Geoff)

My typical avatar, the Fooman.

Firstly, follow me on Twitter. That’s my main outlet online, and the best way to get in touch with me.

If you’re into pretty pictures, I’m Foomandoonian on Instagram. I have a ton of pictures on Flickr, and I’m in the process of moving only my best photography over to 500px. is my primary Tumblr blog, and features lots of Lego, design junk, cat videos, Star Wars, Lego, funny pictures, illustrations, Lego, Minecraft, webcomics, stupid memes and Lego. Extra-geeky stuff tends to end up on

You’re at I may rant here (too often) and very occasionally I might talk about my personal life. Mostly though, it is simply me thinking aloud about stuff that interests me, and probably very few others. is my ‘professional’ blog. I don’t really know what that means, so it’s a little static. is a linkblog for web developers and designers, mostly focusing on interesting HTML and CSS resources, frameworks and stuff that coders may find interesting. Follow @decodering.


You can (literally) follow me on Foursquare. I collect links on You can follow @datahole for an automated feed of links related to security and privacy. Don’t bother following me on LinkedIn as I barely use the thing. I’m on Google+ (for now). I have a few videos on Vimeo and YouTube.


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