Dorkbot Cardiff #4

I don’t know if it’s the same in other Dorkbots, but Cardiff’s skews heavily towards projects where technology meets art. These can often leave me a bit cold, feeling that I understand how the artist has done something, but not really why.

I did rather enjoy this documentary about Paul Granjon’s Oriel Factory robot exhibit however.

Perhaps it helps me that the messages about recycling and using clean energy seem clear and important in this exhibition. Plus, it looks like a lot of fun!

Then, Ollie Palmer enthusiastically presented his most recent project, Ant Ballet. Again, I’m not sure what message to take from the actual piece, but I loved his themes and influences, which included game theory and Stanley Kubrick. His slides were great pieces of design in their own right too.

Best of all though might have been Peter Hathaway’s door knob-head, the profile of which is taken from a very particular knob-head:


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