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Warning: Contains half-baked ideas and half-formed thoughts.

This is my primary blog, but it’s unclear to me what that really means. I’ll write about anything that interests me and which I believe should be of some interest to others. In general that means I’ll blog about design, photography, technology, the internet and local issues.

About the author

I’m a self-taught internet enthusiast based in Brighton & Hove, UK. I have one good eye for design and another good photographer’s eye combined with social media savvy and antisocial tendencies. I speak HTML and CSS to a pretty high standard and can cut and paste pretty fast. I give good Photoshop and know a wide repertoire of other software tricks. Read more at Geoff.at

Note: This blog used to be hosted at Posterous, and I am still in the process of migrating over selected content.


Recent Posts

Whither halfblog.net?

Visitors to this blog may notice that the domain is now foomandoonian.wordpress.com and not halfblog.net as they were expecting (and as advertised in the banner above).


The glory days

Quite simply, I don’t blog here that much any more, so when it came time to renew my WordPress.com Premium package, I decided to save the $99. For now at least. As I write this on the 21st of October my Premium subscription is still active, though technically it expired on the 20th.

This also means that my fancy custom CSS tweaks will disappear. I think WP.com are pretty good at handling redirects, so inbound links should be unaffected. In addition I’ve turned WordAds back on because (despite a gradual decline as my blogging slowed down) this site still gets a healthy amount of traffic to some key posts.

halfblog.net traffic stats

My plan — for those who care — is to eventually revamp my geoff.at blog and import the content from here into that. But that’s a big project and I don’t have the time or inclination right now. In addition, I’m more actively blogging at Rapid Notes. If I ever decide to pay for WordPress Premium again, I’ll probably put the money into that blog. It’s quite likely therefore that halfblog.net is dead, in name at least. It’s been a good run!

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