Newspaper pictograms

Newspaper pictograms

London-based graphic designer Stephen McCarthy reimagined what newspapers would look like if they were purely in pictographic forms.

In his project ‘Pictograms: The Newspaper’, McCarthy reinterpreted a whole newspaper (namely, ‘The Sun’) in pictographic content.

Designer Reimagines News As Pictograms, So Don’t ‘Read’ All About It –


“If I were a daily visitor to their site, I sure as hell wouldn’t put up with our ads”


More truth from The Onion:

Ford Looks Down On Website That Would Let Itself Be Plastered In Ford’s Ads

DEARBORN, MI—Ford Motor Company officials chastised news and commentary website Friday, conceding they were embarrassed to be associated with a publication that would allow the entirety of its award-winning content to be hidden behind splashy, distracting ads for the Ford F-150.

According to the car manufac­turer, Masthead‘s decision to allow the “garish” full-screen advertisement—in which a red pickup speeds across news articles, overrunning them with tire-tread marks until readers manage to find the tiny “close” button—suggests the media outlet has zero respect not only for itself, but also for the amount of work that goes into its astute political and cul­tural coverage.

“They should be ashamed of themselves for letting us come in, plaster our logo everywhere, and, for a measly 50 grand, pretty much destroy the reputation they’ve worked so hard to build,” said Erin Robertson, an ad buyer for Ford who scoffed when Masthead immediately agreed to all of her terms and even sug­gested its creative staff could write articles mentioning the F-150. “Their coverage of the debt crisis has been pretty insightful, but then they cheapen it by allowing us to completely obscure their writing with a video of a truck bounding over sand dunes.”

Ford Looks Down On Website That Would Let Itself Be Plastered In Ford’s Ads –

Occupy Cardiff in print: A paper for the 99%

Occupy Cardiff I’d like to offer my design services to the Occupy Cardiff movement for the purpose of creating a one-shot newspaper for the protest. This would be a great way to connect with people outside of Cardiff, and those not wired in to Twitter and Facebook.

With some creative guerrilla distribution tactics, this could get a lot of information into a lot of hands.

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