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I honestly think I enjoy creating the banners for this site more than writing the posts they accompany! This page is an attempt to collate all of them in one place, though it may be missing a few.

The vast majority of these are my own photographs or designs. It should be obvious which ones aren’t.

Banners created for specific posts and pages

Penguin cartoon – January 7, 2009 (One of my most popular posts, thanks to search engine traffic.)
Cartoon penguin banner

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011 – October 6, 2011
Steve Jobs banner on halfblog.net

I had originally used this image for my Steve Jobs tribute post and on the homepage:
Steve Jobs halfblog.net banner

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that not just anyone can edit – January 2, 2012 (one of the posts I’m most proud of, for the content, the format and the banner.)
A personal appeal…

Stop SOPA/PIPA! – January 18, 2012

Chroma Feed – March 17, 2012 (This was the logo of a website I ran for a short while.)
Chroma Feed banner

Election 2012: Gabalfa, Cardiff – May 3, 2012

I’ve used this image of Neil Armstrong’s foot a few times. My favourite post it features on: The Russians used a pencil – May 7, 2012

Stylish cyclists of Cardiff, my contribution to #CardiffMakeaMag – October 6, 2012

Some very cool WordPress plugins – October 8, 2012 (I also have some WordPress logo freebies.)

Plan 9 From Outer Space, Inception style – November 5, 2012
Plan 9 from Halfblog.net

Some of my favourite Instagram photos – January 2, 2013

The Up-Goer Five Text Editor (and how to use it for SEO) – January 19, 2013
Up Goer Five

The infographics of xkcd – January 22, 2013

Yesterday I wrote a fairly popular blog post – January 23, 2013
Stats banner

Babylon 1999 – March 2, 2013

‘About’ page

Random banners

I have these set to rotate randomly on the homepage and on individual posts and pages with no set featured image.

Retired banners

Occasionally I get tired of banners and remove them from rotation.



On Posterous

When I first registered the halfblog.net domain, it was hosted on Posterous. This was the first header I used:
The header image used when this blog was hosted on Posterous


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