Canton Social Media Surgery, Wednesday 5th October

This coming Wednesday
I’ll be at my third social media surgery in Chapter Arts, helping to orient those new to social media.

If you have questions about the hows (and whys) of social media, these surgeries are an excellent opportunity. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well attended these events have been, and it has been satisfying to help – even in a small way – some non-profits trying to make better use of social media and the web in general. So long as I have the time to donate, I’ll be happy to continue to come along and help others.

Juliette has put the surgery forward for a NatWest Community Force Grant. If you’ve been to one of these surgeries before, or even if you just see the value in such a service being provided (I do!), then please head over and cast a vote.



2 thoughts on “Canton Social Media Surgery, Wednesday 5th October

  1. Hey thanks Geoff for your support and asking your readers to vote for us, much appreciated! I’m glad you gain from helping out :) – just so your readers know, Geoff is an excellent Surgeon. His Patients have all commented how much he has helped them! Juliette

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