Template for the new YouTube One Channel banner designs

YouTube has just announced the imminent rollout of a new layout design for channel pages. Using YouTube’s own guidelines I’ve created a handy template that channel owners can use to create their new artwork.

YouTube channel template

Learn more and update your channel at youtube.com/onechannel

Once this single image is uploaded, YouTube will resize and crop it to serve different sections to different mediums. The central 1280 × 350 area will appear on all devices, though the top-left and bottom-right may be partially obscured by a channel avatar and external social media links.

On a desktop and tablet computers the banner will stretch to show more. This could lead to clever designs that reveal more information to those able to see it, like this banner from Geek & Sundry:

Geek & Sundry YouTube banner

The entire 16:9 image will be displayed when the channel is seen on a TV display.

Here are some initial thoughts and observations on the new design from one YouTuber:

Updated 2013.03.11 to tweak the post title and insert a handy link.


8 thoughts on “Template for the new YouTube One Channel banner designs

  1. Thanks Geoff, great to have your input on this :D
    Also feel that it brings us back to a G+ / FB layout without much possibilities. And quite frankly since I am not a designer I had some tough time uploading an image with a good size (always to small or too heavy ^^).

    • Thanks for your nice comment Erika. I agree that the new channel designs don’t leave so much room for branding and self-expression.

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