Fast Dial: A great Firefox add-on goes bad

Fast Dial is a great little Firefox add-on that gives you the speed dial functionality found in Opera. Rather, I should say it was a great add-on. I have just this minute updated to the latest version (2.15) and been greeted by some rather unwelcome modifications:

  • An unwanted searchbox has found its way to the top of the page
  • A sponsored link has been added in place of one of my shortcuts
  • Another tab has been taken up to take me to the User Logos website
  • The User Logos search engine has been added, as default, to my search bar

I followed the link from the Firefox add-on page to the official homepage of the project, only to be redirected and have pop-ups thrown at me (blocked, naturally). It seems reasonable to conclude that this add-on has been monetized by a team that didn’t know how to do it tastefully and respectfully (or the project was co-opted by the spam mafia!)

Speed Dial is an alternative that I have used before. I prefered Fast Dial for its simplicity, but I guess I will give Speed Dial another look.

4 thoughts on “Fast Dial: A great Firefox add-on goes bad

  1. I’m really curious what happened with fast dial. It almost seems like it was hijacked somehow, with how the project page redirects.Hopefully this will get explained. Otherwise, you CAN revert to older versions on the firefox add-ons page. I went back to version 2.11 and it works fine.

  2. totally agree! used fast dial for a while. untill today 2.15 is really bad! two toolbars ! incompatible with ietab! popups. changes your searchengine… SUCKS! i use speed dial now

  3. Well, the upgrade to Firefox 3.5 came, and Fast Dial is at 2.22b, and it is now totally broken. It won’t refresh, it looses your addresses, and the fix that has been posted for the problem, doesn’t work. the screen goes blank.I am now looking for an alternative… any suggestions?

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