Content: Magazine in a Day

For the eighth Cardiff Design Festival this October, Plastik Magazine are looking for writers, designers, illustrators and photographers to make a magazine in a day.

As I write this many of the places have already been taken, but there are still opportunities for more writers to get involved, and many spectator tickets. You can claim any of the remaining spaces on Eventbrite. It’s an all day event, kicking off at 9am on the 6th of October at the Cardiff School of Journalism. It sounds like everything will be done on the day, including deciding what the magazine should be about.

I’ve booked a place as a photographer, though I’d love to help out with the design work too.

One of the most fun working experiences I’ve ever had was at a BBC Upfront induction day. The exercise that I enjoyed the most was a challenge to make a website in just a few hours. Our team was split into small groups to produce the content and design the specified pages. Though the resulting website was really just a mockup, the challenge of coordinating something like that under such constraints (old software, strange network restrictions, a team with unknown strengths and weaknesses) was a blast. It was especially satisfying when our end product was highlighted at the end of the day as something of an achievement. Sadly I never really felt that creative thrill again in my two years at the BBC.

Roll on October!

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