Chroma Feed


Yesterday I merged all 106 posts from into this blog. You can browse all the short films I posted there via the main menu, or the category navigation in the sidebar. (The big categories are Animation and Sci-fi.) Alternatively, all posts are tagged ‘Chroma Feed‘. Continue reading


Penguin cartoon update


To any of you who have followed my cartoon penguin saga, I can happily report that Google has recently re-discovered my illustration, and have seen fit to return it to the search result pages. Just like nothing happened, I am suddenly getting an extra 100+ visits per day from ‘cartoon penguin’ seekers. There is one small difference however: In its finite wisdom, Google has decided that this stub page is the best result now, not the actual blog post which includes a much larger image.


Open Paper


I’m gradually migrating over the content from my Open Paper Tumblr blog. It was originally started because I had an idea to crowdsource content and design for a Newspaper Club project. While I was trying to decide what the paper should be about, I collected interesting, inspirational and useful links on the blog. These will be preserved here under the tag Open Paper, alongside regular posts.

I’d still like to produce a paper, but I probably won’t crowdsource the content.

New home, same address


You may have noticed a slight change at this blog – it was finally time to give up on Posterous and move over to There’s still a bit of tidying up to do, but I’m really happy with the change.

All the old content is still available at Gradually, I may migrate some more content over and eventually shut down the Posterous blog entirely, but I haven’t really decided yet.