Penguin cartoon

I’ve spent this evening working on a cartoon penguin in Inkscape. I’ll release this with a liberal Creative Commons licence and as an SVG when I’m sure I’m happy with it. I’ve also attached my work in progress for those who may be curious. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. :)

A cute, chubby cartoon penguin, by Foomandoonian

Edited 2010.07.17 to add:

This little cartoon penguin graphic is one of my most popular posts, still performing pretty well thanks to image search traffic. Hello there! I’ve added in this later picture, created in Inkscape and GIMP. Feel free to use anything on this page as CC BY-NC-SA. I’ll try and pop back later and upload the SVG.

Edited 2011.10.22 to upload a larger (1000 x 1000 px) version of the penguin image, and to add some more links to posts on this blog, related to this cartoon…

More penguin adventures on this blog:


29 thoughts on “Penguin cartoon

  1. I really like your penguin cartoon, its adorable-full of personality… great job! Thanks for shouting it out on twitter :D

  2. Great design… :) Cool feet but the eyes need working on. Probably merge it or something. Overlapping it on top of each other is not the right thing to do for this.

  3. Very nice! I think the ones without a outline look nicer, but just need a little definition on the outside edge of the eyes. If it’s released under CC then i’ll probably use it for the Liverpool LUG logo.

  4. Thanks all for the kind comments.Fyre Vortex: I’ll probably leave the eyes like they are. Some have compared the sytle of it to the Simpsons, and I don’t think they have been doing it wrong this whole time ;-)Andrew: You’ll be most welcome to use it! I’ll do you a proper logo for your LUG if you like :-)

  5. Hey Geoff.That penguin is super cute! I make music in my home and I just finished 5 songs. Can I use the penguin as part of my album art? I hope to get into a studio and record a full album, but for now, I want to make this 5 song thing and sell it to people.

  6. Hi Eric-Jon. Thanks for asking. Your stuff sounds really good! Feel free to use the penguin however you like – I don’t mind helping indie artists if I can. Maybe give a link to my @Foomandoonian Twitter account as a credit if you can. No big deal. Good luck. :)

  7. Hopefully I can get out to the U.K. and play a show. That would be sweet.

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