Anatomy of a hoax: Faking the Sony Nexus X

Anatomy of a hoaxA fascinating and detailed breakdown of how of how one guy with Blender 3D faked the “Sony Nexus X”:

I faked the Sony Nexus X. Truly sorry. But I did come away from the experience with a few observations. I will share these musings, along with how and why I created these fakes.

For me, this following revelation was the big takeaway:

One slightly off-putting thing about this entire episode was that not a single soul made any attempts to contact the owner of the Picasa album. Seriously. Not one comment reaching out to the elusive Mutul Yeter (whose name I actually misspelled). Man, if I was a journalist, the very first thing I would do is to make some sort of attempt to contact the person who posted the leak. Even if it was a long shot, I could be the guy who put the whole thing to bed. That has to count for something.

I’m increasingly finding myself wondering what makes journalists so special when many bloggers have higher standards for things like accuracy, honesty and accountability?