A guide to brand colours

This graphic from Usability Post draws data from Cymbolism, a web site attempting to classify the meanings behind colours:

One of the key elements of building a strong brand is color selection. Every color has a different feel and various associations. By choosing a color or a combination of colors for your brand identity, you will take on those associations. Colors will evoke certain emotions and feelings towards your brand so it is vital to choose a color that will represent your identity effectively.

A Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand – usabilitypost.com

I also appreciated the insight in this post on the function of rounded corners.


2 thoughts on “A guide to brand colours

  1. Thank you for some great references, Foo. I can always use more usability resources.

    A side note on rounded corners. I just wish that all browsers allowed for them. I wasn’t surprised that MSIE didn’t, but Opera wasn’t one I expected to not have the functionality enabled.

    • Thanks Jim. I’m very interested in usability too, but I don’t post much on the subject.

      If you mean CSS, I think Opera has supported the border-radius property for some time. There are ways of forcing older IE browsers to render curvy corners too, though I wouldn’t bother.

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