It’s the final day of fund-raising for NightVision, the ‘Facebook theatre’/horror production I blogged about last month. Check out some of the 3D artwork I produced.

They have raised $7,756 of the required $10,000 total, so it would be a real shame if they didn’t make the final mile. As a bonus, they recently signed up Keith Allen, who seems a perfect fit based on what I know of the project.


Static brands don’t belong on Twitter. Discuss.

I just asked a question on Twitter:

Static brands like Coffee #1 and Clark’s Pies are very dull on Twitter. Besides running promos and RTing complements, what else can they do?

Now, I don’t mean to call out Coffee #1 or Clark’s Pies in particular. (I happen to love coffee and pies, though not necessarily together!) Both of these brands are small, local companies who are interacting with followers. They look and sound professional, and are probably doing everything a ‘social media expert’ would recommend. But the experience of following them can be, to choose a charitable word, repetitive.

Should brands like these be on Twitter? What better ways could static brands take advantage of a fast-moving medium?