NightVision – an interactive experience

This is a really cool idea that Kevin Moss of calls ‘Facebook theatre’.

NightVision – a new form of entertainment
The show will have an advertised start time and will take about 1/2 hour to complete. It is totally self enclosed and can be retold as often as we want. Viewers are invited as Caroline’s Facebook ‘friend’ to witness the drama unfold. Links to other social content platforms will quickly reveal the horror and the truth at the heart of the story. The audience will be able to interact on her Wall, posting back links to YouTube and other websites or just watch as the pace increases to a frantic, fatal pitch.

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The team are raising funds through to make this project happen. They’ve attracted already 14 supporters and raised $1,160 of the $10,000 they nee, with a month still to go!

And of course, you can follow the project on Facebook:

I’ve done a small amount of work for NightVision myself, creating a virtual prop to be used in a scene.

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