Tweets of Note

Update 2012.03.23: Never mind.

Tweets of Note was going to be a weekly newsletter, created with TinyLetter, that compiled links and other stuff from my Twitterings. I promoted it a bit on Twitter (it got 12 subscribers — thanks!) and put together the first edition. When it was ready (666 words!), I hit send. And…

“Message was not sent because its content is flagged as spam”

Oh. They don’t give me an option to edit my email either. ‘That looks like spam’, yoink. If I hadn’t emailed myself a draft, I wouldn’t have any copy at all.

So the idea has been nixed by an algorithm. While I don’t consider the newsletter (linkletter?) to be spammy, I can’t think of any way to provide an email full of links without it looking spammy.

I’ve included the text from the newsletter below. Consider this the first and final edition. Sorry if you were hoping for more. Continue reading