Tweets of Note

Update 2012.03.23: Never mind.

Tweets of Note was going to be a weekly newsletter, created with TinyLetter, that compiled links and other stuff from my Twitterings. I promoted it a bit on Twitter (it got 12 subscribers — thanks!) and put together the first edition. When it was ready (666 words!), I hit send. And…

“Message was not sent because its content is flagged as spam”

Oh. They don’t give me an option to edit my email either. ‘That looks like spam’, yoink. If I hadn’t emailed myself a draft, I wouldn’t have any copy at all.

So the idea has been nixed by an algorithm. While I don’t consider the newsletter (linkletter?) to be spammy, I can’t think of any way to provide an email full of links without it looking spammy.

I’ve included the text from the newsletter below. Consider this the first and final edition. Sorry if you were hoping for more.

Tweets of Note, early adopter edition

Thanks for subscribing to Tweets of Note. My plan is to look back on my Twitter feed roughly once a week, cherry pick the most interesting and entertaining tweets and compile them here. I’ll add some context, expand on some things a bit, throw in some extras.

This being the first newsletter, I went back through several weeks of tweets. No extra charge.

1. Best thing in this newsletter

Remixing exists so Nick Amado could make John Carpenter’s The Thing: The Musical.

2. Runners up for best thing in this newsletter

+ Brilliant post on the costumes in Alien, and what they say about the wearers. Also: Aliens.

+ To display a 140 character tweet on the web, Twitter pulls in 2MB worth of crap. Mostly JavaCrap.

Red Letter Media’s Plinkett nails Star Trek ’09 in another of his epic reviews. It’s basically like the ’98 Lost in Space movie.

+ Here’s a fun website for browsing old maps online:

The $8 billion iPod – Some revealing copyright maths from Rob Reid speaking at TED. Sorry, I know you’ve seen this one, but it was too good to leave out.

+ If so many regular people conflate a browser with Google, maybe they should rename Chrome to ‘Google Browser’. Just a thought.

Ever wanted to connect your Legos and Tinkertoys together? The Free Universal Construction Kit by FFFFFAT is a set of adapters for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys. (Not Meccano though.)

+ I knew the origin of ‘Do not want!’, but I didn’t know the whole story. And while I’m on the subject of Star WarsSome say there is a fight scene at the end of “The Phantom Menace”…

+ Create a P2P network for use in Occupy camps, run from a wi-fi router with Is it warm enough for Occupy Cardiff to return yet?

+ The Japanese Avengers trailer has a bit more action and, of course, a few shots of the Helicarrier. If this film were directed by anyone other than Joss Whedon I wouldn’t be interested, but I’ll see it in hopes that he’s been able to get in some of his trademark amazing dialogue and surprise twists.

ReactOS is a free, open source OS in development. It’s no Linux though — written from scratch and based on the design of XP/2003, it aims to be binary compatible with Windows. I think they should adopt the look and feel of Windows Whistler, the XP theme too stylish for Microsoft to use.

+ There are plenty of places online to find out what the time is around the world, but looks the best. Also, But not

+ Camera nerds and aspiring film makers should take a look at the Digital Bolex, a retro look digital 16mm camera that shoots RAW. Already (over)funded on Kickstarter.

+ RIP Ralph McQuarrie and Moebius. Two artists who made the future look so cool.

+ A teaser for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome appeared online, but was quickly removed from YouTube. It is such a blatant imitation of The Girl With The DragonTattoo trailer that I can’t believe it was intended for broadcast. It’s exciting, but some of the effects look unfinished to me. I hope they are anyway.

+ Season 2 of The Walking Dead hasn’t really lived up to my expectations somehow. Still, it could be worse.

+ Dustin Curtis has started his own simple blogging platform, provisionally called the Svbtle Network, with an interface designed to help writers develop their ideas. Smart thinking, but it’s invite only (not for the likes of you and I). I also appreciated his Markdown mark, and Open Brand framework.

+ Trailer of the week that isn’t Prometheus: God Bless America.

3. Final thing in this newsletter

ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Emojicons ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Thanks for reading! Remember, this email is forward-friendly (it’s like retweeting). Tell your forward-friends to sign up at

Original post, for posterity

Tweets of Note is a newsletter I am starting using TinyLetter.

My plan is to look back on my Twitter feed roughly once a week, cherry pick the most interesting and entertaining tweets and compile them. I’ll add some context, expand on some things a bit, throw in some extras. It’s all a bit experimental. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know what to expect. (And if you read most of my tweets, subscribing to this newsletter may be a bit redundant anyway.)

I expect to hit send on the first one this afternoon.