End of feed

Note: This post is imported from ChromaFeed.tv, a short film blog I created and ran from 24 May 2011 to 15 March 2012. All of the films have been organised under the ‘Short films‘ category on this blog, and all of the posts tagged ‘Chroma Feed‘.

In two days I am letting the hosting for Chroma Feed expire, and this blog will go offline.

I’m keeping the domain and the near future I may convert this WordPress design into a Tumblr theme and pick up from where I left off. My current Tumblr blog, links.chromafeed.tv, will probably be blended into it and the whole thing will become less formal. That’s probably how Chroma Feed should have started actually, but I had bigger ambitions early on.

Meanwhile, Short of the Week do a much better job than I ever did anyway. Check them out!

Thanks for watching.