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Steve Rack is an artist. He designed a character called Toe Fluff, which he thought would be great toy. In fact, he liked Toe Fluff so much that he decided to base an exhibition on it. To shake things up he asked his friends to customize Toe Fluff as part of the show. Well, since Steve’s ‘call for submissions’, things kind of snowballed! The project is now open to all artists. All you have to do is download the template and get creative!

The July 15th deadline for entries is fast approaching, but there’s still time to create something fun. I’ve just entered one myself:

Toe Fluff bogey monster by Foomandoonian

To the left is the template everyone has to work from. It’s really worth looking through the other entries on the Toe Fluff website as there is some amazing work. You could also follow @SteveRack on Twitter.

Edited 2010.07.16 to add:

My bogey monster on the Toe Fluff website

I just wanted to add a screenshot of my entry on the Toe Fluff site for posterity. :)

Edited 2010.08.02 to add: Also, here’s my entry on the Toe Fluff Flickr stream.


3 thoughts on “Toe Fluff

  1. Thanks to @Kyanos for pointing out that a hilarious quote related to my Toe Fluff entry was featured on the site: “I like Foomandoonian’s. Looks like an explosion in a bogey factory.” Ella Rose (age 7)

    Brilliant. :D

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