Minecraft 1.2: Villager population explosion

A quick tour of a Minecraft village that has gottten a bit out of control, plus a look at some of the Iron Golems, new to 1.2.

Iron Golem offering me a rose The seed for this diverse world is ‘Creeper Town’. This crazy village can be found at x:100, y:65, z: -189 (travel north/f:2 for some distance from the spawn point).

I’m not sure why there are so many villagers. The population was pretty sane when I arrived, but even then there were enough for an Iron Golem to spawn. At this point there are 5-6 wandering around, occasionally losing a battle with a cactus and dropping some iron.

I like to build my home at the intersection of as many biomes as possible. Here I’ve built in the desert (less animal noise) just at the border of a snowy taiga biome (plenty of walking meat), and very close to one of the excellent new jungle biomes (loads of wood).

Defending the Village

Post updated 2012.02.06 to add another video from this seed.

Highlights of a few hours of gameplay, defending the village from monsters at night, exploring the caves below the village, and getting caught out by a few creepers.