The Encyclopedia Game

Another fascinating Kickstarter documentary project.

Wikipedia is a corrupt political environment, and it should be disrupted.

“The Encyclopedia Game” is a documentary film about Wikipedia vandalism. The film focuses on the stories of a handful of Wikipedians who have managed to be banned from the site for one reason or another. All have been accused of some sort of vandalism or disruption. Are they guilty? Are they innocent? Or is the truth more complicated than that? This is a quirky character documentary with fascinating stories that shed light on the inner workings of Wikipedia, the world’s largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia.

Filled with enthralling stories of Wikipedia vandalism, quirky and eccentric characters, and offering a look behind the scenes of the world’s most used and trusted source of information, “The Encycopedia Game” is at once amusing, intriguing, and endearing.

The Encyclopedia Game

More of the interview with ‘Cognition’ below.

“Cognition” is a highly intelligent and eccentric individual who has devoted himself to vandalizing Wikipedia ever since the site came to prominence in the early 2000’s. He sees Wikipedia as a place where corrupt corporate and government entities push their agendas through social manipulation and propaganda. In this light, he sees his own works of vandalism as noble acts of protest against these corrupt agents.