Logo design for a conference: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Last year I designed a logo for a conference to be held at the University of Birmingham called Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds [PDF], with a variety of talks and workshops on the subject of ‘developing personal and institutional narratives in support of LGBTQ students’.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds conference logo

I was pretty happy with the metaphor behind the final logo, and I think the conference put it to good use. You can see my exploration and development process below.

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The wisdom of Philosoraptor

Philosoraptor on hypothetical questions The Philosoraptor is probably my favourite advice animal image macro meme series.

The graphic was created for a t-shirt design, but quickly turned up on 4chan as a blank image macro template. Apparently the creator, Sam Smith, was happy to see his work being used, and applied a Creative Commons licence.

I’ve picked a few of my favourites…

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