Wales Blog Award finalists, by blogging platform

I was curious to break down which blogging platforms this years Wales Blog Awards finalists used.

A pie chart showing which platforms the 2011 Wales Blog Award nominees use.

Google’s Blogger is the clear winner, powering exactly 50% of the blogs up for awards. The rest are evenly split between the hosted service, and the self-hosted version. Only two blogs used some other platform.

Only 13 of the 28 blogs in the list use a custom domain name.* Others are content to use the free subdomain provided by their host.

Of the blogs that ended up winning, 60% used Blogger, with the remaining 40% split evenly between and

All the nominees are listed below. Category winners in bold.

Blog Platform

Best Community Blog

Rhuthun / Ruthin – Blogger
The Photon Blog – Blogger
We Are Cardiff –

Best Entertainments & Music Blog

Movie Waffle –
Cat on the Wall –
Motown Junkies –

Best Food & Drink Blog

Cardiff Bites – Blogger
What Kate Baked… Blogger
Pint of 45 – Blogger

Best Lifestyle Blog

Where Are My Knees? – Blogger
Dyfed Wyn Roberts – Misc.
Chic & Cheerful – Blogger

Best Photo Blog

Cardiff Arcades Project –
Circus Clouds – Blogger

Best Political Blog

Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more – Blogger
Caredig I Natur (CIN) – Blogger
Radical Wales – Blogger

Best Sports Blog

Ffwtbol –
The Foot Down –
Cardiff Skateboard Club –

Best Technology Blog

This Is My Joystick –
Apptacious – –

Best Welsh Language Blog

Hen Rech Flin – Blogger
Sion Dafydd –

Best Writing on a Blog

I Saw Elvis In The Woods – Blogger
Modern Haiku – Blogger
Mike Jenkins – Welsh Poet & Author – Misc.

People’s Choice Award & Best Blog (overall winner)

Ffwtbol –  

I think Blogger is a great choice, but I’m a little stumped why so many are serious enough about their blogs to seek awards, but are unwilling to spend the £5 to £20 to get a proper domain name.

* UPDATE 2011.10.28 Amy Davies pointed out to me that she does use a custom domain,, as a redirect.

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4 thoughts on “Wales Blog Award finalists, by blogging platform

  1. Hi,

    I can’t speak for other nominees, but in my case (, there are three reasons for not getting a “proper” domain – firstly, someone else registered literally while I was setting up the blog, and I was too attached to the name to pick something else; WordPress wants me to buy, which doesn’t appeal. Secondly, I didn’t know the blog would become so popular when I first began writing it, and so it’s filled with dozens and dozens non-relative internal links that all say and which would all have to be changed by hand if I did move to a snappier domain. Thirdly, Motown themselves (or their licensees) have used a couple of extracts from the blog in the liner notes to some of their compilation CDs, and they printed the whole URL. Essentially, I’m stuck with it. Luckily I don’t mind too much.

    • I should have been less harsh in my wording. A custom domain can be a valuable asset, but it doesn’t improve the quality of a blog, which is what really counts. (Of course, search engines may consider a custom domain to be a signal of quality, but that’s a different matter.)

      FWIW, I found your blog to be very impressive. It’s not a passion I share, but I certainly appreciate what you’ve accomplished, and respect the scope of what you’ve set out to achieve. Niche blogs like yours are what the web is for!

      Finally, do consider a custom domain. I see is available, and kind of a steal at £22 for 2 years (from And pro tip: magically redirects if you change your domain like that, as I discovered when I moved from Posterous and my URL structure changed. So there. ;)

  2. Oh, I hope I didn’t come across as offended – it was a totally fair point, I just wanted to explain it wasn’t laziness (or me being miserly). Thank you for the kind words though!

    Ooh, I didn’t know about the automatic redirection – that would make quite a difference. I will make some enquiries. Thanks!

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