Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

After the disastrously overbloated Transformers 2, it looks like director Bay might make good on his promise to get back to a decent story with this third, and possibly final, robotic smash-up.

This new trailer gifts Transformers 3 with a context and a basic plot, cleverly tying real history in with a story about, yuhuh, big, giant robots.

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As much as I really do like this trailer, I strongly suspect that this will be nothing more than a pre-titles teaser into a film that will be just as dumb as the first two films. In fact, there’s a clanger in this trailer that will jump out to anyone who knows anything about the Moon.

Edited 2010.12.14: The original YouTube embed I used got taken down.

Update 2012.01.07: Nailed it! In fact, the movie was a greater abomination than even I thought it would be.


Google Zeitgeist 2010

Google Zeitgeist 2010 — Global trends: Fastest rising

Above — Global trends: Fastest rising / Below — Facebook vs Twitter.

Google Zeitgeist 2010 — Facebook vs. Twitter

It’s the Google Zeitgeist time of year again, here to demonstrate to me that I have no idea who is famous these days or what real people do online. Facebook just makes it into the top 10 fastest rising search terms, though if you compare it to Twitter, it is much more popular in sheer volume. In fact, it’s much bigger than anything else here.

Amusingly, ‘chatroulette’ tops the list in almost every region, with ‘ipad’ and ‘iphone 4’ always up there too.

Google Zeitgeist 2010: Global / UK

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