Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

After the disastrously overbloated Transformers 2, it looks like director Bay might make good on his promise to get back to a decent story with this third, and possibly final, robotic smash-up.

This new trailer gifts Transformers 3 with a context and a basic plot, cleverly tying real history in with a story about, yuhuh, big, giant robots.

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As much as I really do like this trailer, I strongly suspect that this will be nothing more than a pre-titles teaser into a film that will be just as dumb as the first two films. In fact, there’s a clanger in this trailer that will jump out to anyone who knows anything about the Moon.

Edited 2010.12.14: The original YouTube embed I used got taken down.

Update 2012.01.07: Nailed it! In fact, the movie was a greater abomination than even I thought it would be.


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  1. Completely agree. As much as the teaser draws you in, I’m imagining the rest will be a non-stop slow-motion, explosion-filled, empty plot, special effects-athon. Phew…

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