Penguin design piracy by @PradiGClothing

This is the first example I’ve seen of someone ripping of my work and profiting from it (or at least selling it).

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I think he’s actually made some pretty nice tweaks to it: The sketched look works really well, he’s improved the beak a bit and the positioning of the feet. The plaster is a nice touch too. It’s still clearly mine though.

A cute, chubby cartoon penguin, by Foomandoonian

Cartoon penguin character

Shame really, because if he’d asked me to use it for this purpose I’d have been fine with it, it’s the theft of credit that’s really annoying. Based on a quick look around his MySpace page, it seems to be a fairly popular design. Not surprising really as I noticed it has become one of the top Google image search results for ‘cartoon penguin‘ (although my switch to the domain may impact that).

Feel free to give him some grief on Twitter @PradiGClothing if you like, but otherwise I’m not that bothered.