Insightful landing page case study

In our analysis of Rand’s effective face-to-face presentation we noticed that he needed at least five minutes to make the case for SEOmoz PRO. Yet the existing web page was more like a one-minute summary. Once we added the key elements of Rand’s presentation, the page became much longer:

Short versus long body copy case study

It’s interesting to note that, which is known for its relentless testing, tends to have extremely long product pages. Just see the page for its Kindle reader.


There’s a lot of useful information in this article, but this page length comparison and the technique of writing copy with ‘curiosity rather than overt “buy me” language’ were the big takeaways for me.


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  1. it’s my hypothesis that it’s less of a commitment to scroll down than it is to click on a new link. :-)

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