“Mad libs” style form increases conversion 25-40%

A while ago, I came across a unique registration form built by Jeremy Keith for his audio sharing site, Huffduffer. Though it asked people the same questions found in typical sign-up forms, the Huffduffer registration form did so in a narrative format. It presented input fields to people as blanks within sentences (Mad Libs-style, if you will).

Huffduffer madlibs signup

via lukew.com

There’s even some A/B testing information to lend some weight.

I know I posted a link to this article on Twitter yesterday, but I thought it was such a clever and simple idea that I wanted to make a note of it here.

3 thoughts on ““Mad libs” style form increases conversion 25-40%

  1. Wow great idea. I can see why it would improve response – makes the form form personal.

  2. Hmmn lovely…and puts the person in control and in conversation. By the way, your blog Geoff is wondrously interesting…have been here for half-an-hour when am supposed to be doing something for work deadline. It’s unpredictable, quirky and erudite – fab!

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