Half-Life: Origins

Everyone remembers the first time they stepped onto the Black Mesa Transit System and into the shoes of the unexpected hero, Gordon Freeman. Half-Life Origins is a short film that takes you back to where it all began.

Half-Life: Origins by Infectious Designer

Short, but very sweet. If Half Life were to become a television series, this would be the perfect title sequence.

Trivia: In the tram you can spot a poster for another Half Life short film by Infectious Designer: Beyond Black Mesa.

Director’s Note: After 10+ years since it’s release, if you ever go back and replay the original Half-Life, it doesn’t look anything like you remember. The graphics are horrible compared to present day games, but years ago it blew my mind. This video plays with that contrast. I incorporated a fusion of live action and CG environments that give it a semi-realistic look, but also not realistic at the same time. Hope you enjoy it!

(via gamebandits.com)

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