Geronimo! Adventures in Space and Type: Part 3

Another late night progress report for ‘my’ Doctor Who font. Mostly subtle tweaks, but these usually take the longest. There’s still a lot I’m not keen on, in Particular the V. Both Y‘s are ugly, but I’m fairly happy with the current G and Q situation.

I’m open to constructive criticisms and suggestions at this point.


16 thoughts on “Geronimo! Adventures in Space and Type: Part 3

  1. My €0.02-worth: the left ‘V’ without the serif at the bottom is better, as is the ‘Y’ that looks like ‘Y’ and not ‘y’.I fully expect to see BBC Magazines use this in the Doctor Who comics and suggest they license it legitimately…

  2. I think with the V I’m going to try a much more shallow angle, and loose the serif. I tend to agree with you about the Y, but I’m probably going to include both.I’m sure if they wanted an official font, they would get the people who made the logo to do one. I’m not clear what the legality of imitating a design like this is anyway, so I’m going to steer well clear of any money-making plans! It’s purely for my own education and entertainment. The next font I try will be entirely original.

  3. I am absolutely LOVING the effort you’re putting in to this! I can’t want to see (and hopefully use) the finished product!

  4. He’s creating it from scratch, not modifying an existing font file. He doesn’t need a license.

  5. you do. You still need a license to recreate it. Sure the typographer responsible would feel the same way.

  6. He’s basically “reverse engineering” the font. The same practice is perfectly legal in the software realm.

  7. Loving this, keep going, it looks great and would love a copy when complete. Would the V look better if you mirrored imaged what you have done with it already? It might make it look less like the U. Just a thought.

  8. The BBC uses my Press Gothic typeface for Dr Who ( They have actually bought a proper license to use it and modify for that purpose. Looking at your work here, it is an obvious modification of my Press Gothic outlines. I don’t mind if you do that for personal stuff, provided that you have already purchased a proper license to the font, but please do not release anything derivative of my work in public.Best regards,Patrick Griffin

  9. How would you like it if you spent hours, nay, weeks/months working on a typeface. A font whose purchase is your livelihood. And then someone comes along and reverse engineers it? Which *is* ripping it off. Reverse engineering/recreating/publishing online/any sort of facsimile of the original requires purchase of a license.

  10. Whatever, it’s academic. My version has stalled and I have no plans to pick it up again. Look elsewhere for your knockoff Who font guys, I’m moving on.

  11. Sorry to hear this, but understandable considering the comments that you have had on here.

  12. Sorry that you’re abandoning the project.I hope it’s not because of what’s been said.And Mr Griffin – if you’re afraid of losing money on licensing from fanboys like us, then make the effort yourself and create this font. Then we’ll be happy to purchase it. I know I would.

  13. Hi, Could you possibly put the link for this font-file to be downloadable? I would be very greatful, Thanks =]

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