Torchwood set photos: the subway

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The ‘subway’ used to link the different Torchwoods together (Besides Cardiff, there is the one in London that featured in Doomsday, one in Glasgow, and apparently one that went missing). The network fell into disuse, so now it’s where they have pizza and beer. As realistic as all these tiles are, when you touch them you can tell that they’re painted wood and paper.

The Welsh dragon on the wall is a nice touch. Apparently Tosh was painting it there, but that backstory never featured in an episode. I guess it never will now.

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Torchwood set photos: Jack’s office

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Some more pictures of the Torchwood set. Check out the coral on Jack's desk – apparently he’s trying to grow a TARDIS! The old style television sets appeared in the Dr Who episode, The Idiot’s Lantern. To the left, on the floor, you can see the hatch to Jack’s ‘bedroom’, where Chris Moyles got stuck. There is a copy of Little Dorrit on the desk, in reference to the BBC show, starring Eve Myles.

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I hate the command line!

So, on Windows, if I want to move the My Documents folder elsewhere, I dig around in the settings and find out how to do that. It's a little buried away, but you can find it logically enough.

But if I want to do the same trick with my /home directory in Linux, I have to type in some gibberish. Now cutting and pasting isn't hard, but if it goes wrong (like it just did) then I'm none the wiser. What went wrong? How do I fix it? I'm left running back to Google, or begging for help in forums, to probably be ignored.

Two steps in a GUI or freaking ten lines in terminal!

There's plenty I love about Linux, but this shouldn't be the trade-off…

On the TARDIS, Doctor Who set photos (part one)

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Welcome aboard the Tardis. The ‘coral’ supports are literally paper mache, and very fragile. In contrast to the Torchwood set, the level of detail is much less, as some of these shots reveal.