Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative

Yesterday Valve updated Portal 2 to add the Perpetual Testing Initiative. As the video above suggests, the PeTI is an easy-to-use level editor and a place to share the levels you create and play, rate and comment on levels by others. IGN has a great video tutorial that’ll get you started.

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Outside Aperture



A fan film inspired by VALVe’s masterpeice video game title Portal. With the fate of the main character of the game, Chell, left up in the air at the end of the game, we took the liberty of creating a fan film under the assumption that Chell lived to escape the Aperture Science Labrotories, and must now face life out in the real world. She finds an abandoned house, still stocked with food, and begins a new life with her trusty Portal Gun at her side.

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