Stylish cyclists of Cardiff, my contribution to #CardiffMakeaMag

I’ve broken away early from efforts at the Cardiff School of Journalism to produce a cycling-themed magazine in a day for the Cardiff Arts Festival. You can monitor the progress of those who are still toiling away on Twitter by following the hashtag #cardiffmakeamag.

For my part, I teamed up with an aspiring magazine journalist called Lucinda who attempted to chase down cyclists who caught her eye. She would then quiz them on cycling in Cardiff while I took pictures. Typically I make great efforts to keep humans out of my pictures, so these aren’t exactly my best work. Still, it was nice to try something different.

Update: Here is the final spread as it appears in the magazine Off The Chain.

Cardiff Cycle Style

I think it looks fantastic! Well done all.

If you know me at all, you won’t be surprised to learn that my favourite photograph of the day was this shot of a road.