The correct use of ‘blog’ and ‘blog post’

I’m sure for some this is a point of pure pedantry, but it bugs me nonetheless. Let me clarify:

  • A blog is a particular type of website that contains many blog posts.
  • The verb use ‘I am up updating my blog’ is appropriate, but not ‘I am writing a blog’. (Technically, I appreciate you are writing a blog, but it is more likely you mean to say ‘I am writing a blog post’ or ‘I am blogging’.)
  • A single entry on a blog, like this one, is a blog post (or simply a post, if you prefer).

You are very welcome.


4 thoughts on “The correct use of ‘blog’ and ‘blog post’

  1. hi stephen,
    thank you. You’ve corrected me.To be honest, i used blog and blog post alternately being unaware of their correct usage. That’s great you’ve enlighten the people all around the world.

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