An idea for the iPhone home button

iPhone LCD home button idea I’m pleased to report that the idea I posted last week for a bookmarklet to make web citations has attracted a little interest on Forrst.

This weekend idea is much simpler: Turn the iPhone home button into a tiny LCD screen so it can display context-sensitive information. Continue reading


Solar updraft tower

Arizona should be getting some of these sci-fi eco monsters in 2015.

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Solar updraft towers combine three technologies to produce power: the greenhouse effect, the chimney effect and wind turbine. Sunshine heats the canopy at the base of the tall chimney causing air to flow upwards towards the turbines at the base which then convert that flow into electricity. The solar tower requires low maintenance, no feed stock (uranium, coal etc.) and emits no pollution.

(via Arizona getting colossal solar updraft tower in 2015 –

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WordPress Users Wales meet-up: Wednesday 29th February

WordPress heart logo The second WordPress Users Wales meet-up is on Wednesday 29th February at The Promised Land, from 6.30pm. As before, register with Eventbrite.

Apparently this is a traditional date for women to make marriage proposals, so there is the potential for the night to take an unexpected turn!

Joel Hughes will be talking about the ‘Developer as Blogger’ and Nicky Getgood ‘WordPress for Hyperlocal’ and her work at Talk About Local. Continue reading