Photography project idea: Wikipedia’s requested pictures

If you are a photographer looking for inspiration, have a look at Wikipedia’s requested images page.

Perhaps you have some of the comic books they want images for, or have one of these ‘foods of the United Kingdom‘ (a packet of Skips perhaps?)

Your photographs will need to have an open licence:

Wikipedia can accept only photographs and pictures that are licensed compatibly with the CC-BY-SA license, or the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), or are in the public domain. Non-free content images are sometimes also acceptable. A complete guideline of what is acceptable can be found at image use policy.

  • The simplest way to ensure that the image is free, is to make them ourselves and explicitly release them under the CC-BY(-SA) license by adding {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}} or {{Cc-by-3.0}} to the image description page.
  • It is also possible to put your own pictures into the public domain by adding {{PD-release}} to the image page.
  • Other copyright options and tags can be found at image copyright tags.
  • If you’re asking someone else for permission to use their image under the CC-BY-SA license, see example requests for permission.

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This could make a good Flickr group…

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