A minimal dark wallpaper for the 11″ MacBook Air

This has been the wallpaper on my 11″ MacBook Air for a few months now. I didn’t make it any larger than the 1366×768 screen. Although there’s not much to it, the other minimal wallpapers I shared on this site are still proving quite popular, so I thought I’d put this one up too.

It looks great with Nocturne, a small app that lets you invert the menu bar. If you like the other features of Nocturne, have a look at F.lux too.

Edited to add another wallpaper. I use this one on my 27″ iMac, so it’s sized for that:

Black Pattern wallpaper


4 thoughts on “A minimal dark wallpaper for the 11″ MacBook Air

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  2. Would you create a high-rez version of this that would work on a MacBook Pro / iMac? It’s really nice, but not quite big enough for me.

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