Goodbye Delicious, hello

While the future of Flickr is in doubt, it seems like Bartz’s axe is ready to fall on Delicious, and a few other Yahoo! services.

Today I looked for a few Delicious alternatives. I really like the look of PressMark, a fork of WordPress, but decided that it may be a bit much effort to maintain and I wasn’t confident it was being actively developed.

A couple of people suggested, and after a bit of investigation I signed up (paying $7.41). 

Pinboard is a bookmarking website for introverted people in a hurry.

The focus of the site is less on socializing, and more on speed and utility. The goals of the site, in order of priority, are:

  1. Never lose data
  2. Be ridiculously fast
  3. Offer useful features


The service matches Delicious for features, and then some. I particularly like the ‘read later’ bookmarklet and integration with loads of other services: It will monitor my Twitter feed and favourites, automatically adding links from any tweets, as well as my Google Reader shared items and Instapaper saves. You can even sync your Delicious links, though maybe not for much longer.

It’s super easy to export your Delicious bookmarks and import these to Pinboard (though they’re under heavy load right now, so that’s taking longer than expected).

Pinboard are not free, but they do have a novel pricing strategy!

[…] The fee is based on the formula (number of users * $0.001), so the earlier you join, the less you pay.


When I first saw the website membership cost $6.99, meaning that they have gained 52,000 new users in the last 5 hours! I won’t attempt the exact maths, but I imagine that the $370,000+ from that growth alone guarantees plenty of active development… [Ignore my stupid maths – see comments]

So far it’s looking pretty good. You can find me there as foomandoonian – it’s pretty empty at the moment, but that’ll soon change. Add me to your network if you join!

You can follow @PinboardIN on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Delicious, hello

  1. Can you please explain how you did your calculations? By my reckoning, “number of users * $0.001” = 10 users (not 1,000) per one-cent increase in fee, because $0.001 = one-tenth of a cent, not one-thousandth..So, it was an increase of 570 users (not 57.000) in that five-hour period. (Still impressive!).I joined Pinboard last night (at $7.45; it’s at $8.45 now–an increase of about 1,000 users since I joined!) — I just hope it can handle the increased load!

  2. @CDH – My bad! The number I came up with felt right to me simply because the site was struggling under the heavy load of new users. Oops.

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