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REQUIRES iOS 4.2 – you will need a broadband connection to download the issue.
NEW! A revolutionary multimedia magazine built specially for your iPad – packed with international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel. And nuclear weapons. Oh, and Jeff Bridges.

(via Project – By Virgin Digital Publishing Limited –

Project is the latest iPad magazine application (mag app?) after Wired’s effort and before Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper (pad paper?), The Daily.

Though the ones we’ve seen so far are visually impressive, these apps have been criticised for forcing a new medium to take the shape of an old medium. The Daily even boasts it’s arbitrary limitation in the title. This would be a great way to distribute short films though, with magazine style features as extra material. And it would be interesting to see what a music magazine would do now they can actually integrate with with the content properly. And a mobile games review magazine would be a no-brainer.

Mag apps may feel like the CD-ROM ‘revolution’ all over again, but I have a hunch that this time they are going to evolve beyond that.