Flowers from Virgin Media

No, that’s not just some amusing title for a blog post. Yesterday we got flowers. From Virgin Media…

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I’m was tempted to turn this blog post into a rant on the subject of Virgin Media’s ‘customer service’, but I’m honestly sick of the subject. I just hope this means that the crap we have had to deal with since last November is finally at an end!

Sadly, my girlfriend is away for a few weeks, and really it’s been her dealing with them. I don’t care for flowers myself, and I’d rather not watch them die over the next few weeks, so if anyone I know wants them, just shout on Twitter or something! If I don’t hear anything by tomorrow, I’m going to try and take them back to the florist for rehoming…


One thought on “Flowers from Virgin Media

  1. In case you were worried, my @virginmedia flowers found a good home with @thusi_aum and @kyanos –

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