Photos from the Steampunk Exhibition

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Pictures taken today at Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science. They’ve been running a special Steampunk exhibition, which is on for another week. See previous posts tagged steampunk for more info.

These pictures are a mix of Steampunk inventions and real steampunk-like historical pieces. I was particularly thrilled to see an actual part of the difference engine, the invention that probably inspired Steampunk more than any other.


1 thought on “Photos from the Steampunk Exhibition

  1. You were there yesterday too? Wow. Small world.I finally made it over to Oxford yesterday (having heard about the steampunk exhibit before Christmer) – and I’m glad I caught it before it closed. Well worth the trip.(Found your blog in a random way – looking for photos of the TARDIS console some weeks back. So I always pop by and take a look every so often in case you’ve done something else interesting, like this.)

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