Openbox logout icons

On and off for the last week I have been experimenting for pretty much the first time with some icon designs for an Openbox logout script being written by Nik_Doof for #! CrunchBang Linux.

I’ve attached a screenshot below of the 0.1 release in action, as well as some alternative icons. I plan to revamp the icons: I’m going to try a set making better use of PNG transparency, and also provide a smaller size (64×64?). Of course, I’ll also make the SVGs available in due course.

Any feedback is welcome!

UPDATED 30 July 2010

I just realised I never posted the finished OBLogout icons to this blog, so here they are:

These were uploaded to deviantART on 25 Feb 2009. The SVG / PNG files are hosted on oblogout-icons-01-tar-gz

Sadly, I think the OBLogout project has been abandoned. Seems to be the way of these things…


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