Torchwood set photos: the last few

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I had almost forgotten to finish uploading my behind the scenes pictures from my time on the Dr Who and Torchwood sets! The big cog-wheel-door (which always reminded me of Deep Space Nine) is as convincing as the rest of the set, until you thump it and hear the dull thud of plywood.

You can also see a few more monitors here, this time running an ‘alert’ cycle. When I posted the first post (Torchwood uses Linux) I expected that all the monitors were run as virtual machines from one big PC somewhere. In fact, there is a networked pile of old computers just outside the set. VLC controlled through a custom flash interface run on an old Windows box. As you would imagine, the different displays just run on a loop.

Finally, there is the ‘invisible lift‘ and the unsubtle Torch-mobile which was parked outside the studios


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  1. …So it took me two years to find those great photos, huh? … … …I´m really impressed by the set! I didn´t realise it was so full of details! Wonderful! (but a shame we will never see this again on screen) Thanks for posting the photos! Made my day <3

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