A fun WordPress trick: Customise your ‘Read more…’ text

Here’s a fun trick I learned last night while creating a WordPress theme, and also works for WordPress.com blogs like this one.

You may already know that you can insert a break point into a long post by inserting the <!--more--> quicktag. This truncates posts on your front page and provides a link to the full post. Typically this link will say something like ‘Read more…’ or ‘Continue reading →’, depending on your theme.

But did you know you can customise this text to say whatever you want? It’s actually really simple: just add whatever text you like after the word ‘more’. For example:

<!--more Read the rest! -->

Would become a link saying ‘Read the rest!’

And that’s it. Now you can start writing more enticing links that better fit the personality of your blog. Have fun!

Here are some special characters you can use in your custom ‘more’ text for a bit of extra flair:

HTML character entity Looks like
&raquo; »

More information at codex.wordpress.org.


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