Vi Hart on how (and why) she makes her YouTube videos

Vi HartVi Hart is a ‘professional mathemusician’ and YouTuber, currently employed by Kahn Academy. She makes brilliant animated ‘mathematical doodle’ videos that have become extremely popular.

The two videos that interested me the most however aren’t about mathematics, but about YouTube. In the first Vi explains (with a great deal of recursion) how she makes her videos: her process, production tricks and equipment used. All in her usual fun style.

In the second video she tackles why she makes her videos, and reads passages that have inspired her from anthropologist Edmund Snow Carpenter’s “They Became What They Beheld” (1970) and explains how those ideas relate to YouTube today.

How To Make A Video About How To Make A Video About How To Make A Video About How To Make

They Became What They Beheld: Medium, Message, Youtubery

In a third video, another young YouTuber has made a more conventional behind the scenes feature and interview with Vi.