A Dribbble for writing

Dribbble is a community site for very talented graphic designers. It’s not their role to debate these details. I would love to see a Dribbble for writing. A place where I can post the latest Intercom broadcast, email, even a sentence from the interface and get feedback. “You can strip the word currently there.“, “The important word here is buried in the middle of the sentence!“. “The message makes sense, but what I am supposed to do next?“.

(via The Language of Interfaces – contrast.ie)

A clever idea. I could see this being useful outside of UX circles. Perhaps for crafting the perfect marketing tweet or optimising a paragraph for SEO? I could even see some ways to make this profitable…


1 thought on “A Dribbble for writing

  1. I agree. Trying today to see how to begin to apply some of Austin Kleon’s excellent insights in “Share Like An Artist” and just did a Google search for “dribbble.com for writers” and up came this post.

    Clever graphic, but disappointing to totally turn the idea into a ploy to sell the “upgrade” plan. Keep the Free Plan free, and unlimited for amateurs (in the best sense of that word). Upgrade optional if you gotta have the “Pro” version with all the e-commerce and marketing extensions.

    My two cents.

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