3,910 projects kickstarted

2010 KickStarter Awards

Kickstarted have revealed some impressive stats about the projects they helped get funded last year:

Kickstarter 2010 Statistics:

Total Successfully Funded Projects: 3,910
Total Dollars Pledged: $27,638,318
Total Pledges: 386,373
Total Rewards Selected: 322,526
Total Pageviews: 50,234,521
Total Visits: 15,766,248
Total Visitors: 8,294,183

The biggest single success story was, unsurprisingly, the iPod Nano watch strap that wanted $15,000 and came close to raising a million dollars…

What can we say about TikTok that hasn’t already been said? Well, for starters, it broke every record in Kickstarter history — most funds raised ($941,718), most backers (13,512), most popular reward, most comments, most money raised in one day, and so on and so forth.

The blog post also includes a short interview with Lewis Winter, one of Kickstarter’s most prolific backers.

What is it about a particular project that makes you decide to click that big green “Back This Project” button?

First and foremost, I’m pulled in by an idea that interests me. The quicker and clearer the heart of the project is communicated, the more likely that is to happen.

Second, I’m looking at the project creator themself. How well they understand their idea, how passionate about it they are, if they’ve set themself an achievable goal; things like that. Basically… how likely is this to go anywhere if it’s funded?

Third, I look for a reward I’m interested in. That affects the amount I pledge, but if the first two things are there I might just pledge a little bit to help the project anyway.

None of these are deal breakers though. If I like an idea, OR a project creator, OR a reward enough any one of those things could get me to back a project.

via Kickstarter Awards: By the Numbers – blog.kickstarter.com